"A reminder of what a vibrant and endlessly inventive thing theater can be… a triumph of unfettered creativity"
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Terry Morgan, Variety>

"Breathtakingly expansive…the canvas on display here has a scale that bears comparison to the titanic undertakings of Anna Deavere Smith and Tony Kushner… her vision has a sweep and maturity that's just as thrilling to behold."
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Charles McNulty, LA Times

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Jason Zinoman, NY Times

"A tender writer…vivid and assured .."
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Alexis Solowski, Village Voice

"Woodbury's America is a haunted place, all desire and no memory, searching for redemption in the richness of human experience. "

"Think of the expansive social criticism of John Dos Passos' U.S.A. tempered by the loopy humanity of Lily Tomlin Tale is a 12-track epic about childhoods lost and histories uprooted. Employing characters and locales on both coasts, the story charts the psychic devastation the Dodgers' desertion wrought upon Brooklyn fans, while also relating the fate of Chavez Ravine, in L.A., where a whole community of Mexican-Americans were forced to sell their houses to make room for the Dodgers' new stadium. Toggling between 1957 and the present, the piece swoops through cities and drops into the minds of a miniseries' worth of major and minor characters."
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David Cote, Time Out

"Parlaying an ace reporter's eye for telling detail and a mimic's ear for nuances of dialect, Woodbury's ability to weave a rich tapestry of Americana is impressively evident."
Philip Brandes, LA Times

"Entrancing and exhilarating....With her keen observations, she works as a sort of social historian molding gut-wrenching truths and hilarious caricatures into a portrait of the family of man-past and present."
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Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times ,June 5th, 2002

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