Heather makes the leap from solo performance to multi-actor ensemble play with TALE OF 2CITIES: AN AMERICAN JOYRIDE ON MULTIPLE TRACKS. Tracing the bi-coastal impact of the Dodgers' 1957 move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles on three generations, the two-part play takes the form of an epic "mix" of lives and stories, spun together by a young L.A. DJ mourning his grandmother's death. From the rise of Senator McCarthy to the fall of the Towers, "Tale swoops through cities and drops into the minds of a mini-series worth of major and minor characters" (David Cote, Time Out NY) more...
WHAT EVER is a 100-character epic serial performance performed by one actor, in 8 installments. It follows 10 main characters across America as they intersect with over 90 others and their lives and stories converge. "WHAT EVER" is the result of a dare. more...
As The Globe Warms

AS THE GLOBE WARMS... The fight over 1 small frog in 1 small town collides with the world-wide-web and the web of life itself. Now an audio serial! Listen here! Learn More
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A Stripper's History of the World

written and performed by Heather Woodbury

A series of encounters between a one hundred and eight- year old stripper, holed up in a bramble-covered shack in Los Angeles and a young feminist academic, in the year 2014

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