As the Globe Warms
Watch the original "live first draft" generated in 33-weeks

Tale of 2 Cities
Miriam Dinner Party 1
Miriam Dinner Party 2
Mike and Angela 1
Mike and Angela 2
Manny Diner 1
Manny Diner 2

What Ever
Violet's Room of Jazz 1
Violet's Room of Jazz 2
Skeeter Meets Paul
Bushie on the Tracks 1
Bushie on the Tracks 2

Screenplays, Plays, P.A.P.s 1984-1994
20th Century Limited (1992) Music and sketch revue with brother Brian Woodbury. Co-writer, performer, Dixon place
White Gilt (1992) Fez, Dixon Place
I Want A Man (1991) The Kitchen
Antagony 1 (1990) La Mama Dixon Place St. Mark's Poetry Project
Antagony 2
Dream Interpretation (1989) Knitting Factory
Through The Looking Glass 1: Diary of an Ex-Ex Go-Go Dancer (1989) Dixon Place
Through The Looking Glass 2
Protestitution (1988) Café Bustelo
Rejuvannihilation (1988) Westbeth Performance Space
Rogue's Gallery (1987) Cuando Chapel


Tale of 2 Cities
Tale of 2 Cities Publicity/Development Scrapbook
Tale of 2 Cities Production Photo Scrapbook
What Ever Scrapbook
What Ever Ensemble Scrapbook
Screenplays, Plays, P.A.P.s 1984-1994 Scrapbook
Café Bustelo Scrapbook


Anostalgic (March 2004) 1 hr.-length solo performance, Evidence Room, Los Angeles(Excerpt)

Tale of 2 Cities
Heather Woodbury: Miriam's Dinner 1
Heather Woodbury: Miriam's Dinner 2
Jill Soloway: Rabbi at Starbucks 1
Jill Soloway: Rabbi at Starbucks 2
John C. Reilly, Leo Marks and Hugo Armstrong: Hobos 1
John C. Reilly, Leo Marks and Hugo Armstrong: Hobos 2
Tracey Leigh & John C. Reilly: Angela's Cab-Ride
Mike the Cabbie Meets the Rabbi

What Ever
Buy and Listen to the Twentieth Anniversary Special Edition HERE

Radio Appearances
WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show 10/18/06 - Heather Woodbury "Tale of 2 Cities" Interview
The Kojo Nnamdi Show 10/09/03 - Heather Woodbury "What Ever" Interview
The Leonard Lopate Show 09/12/03 - Heather Woodbury "What Ever" Interview
This American Life 10/31/97 - Show #82:Haunted. "What Ever" Excerpt


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Broadway World Spalding Gray Award
Chicago Sun-Times Tale of 2 Cities review
Time-Out Tale of 2 Cities review
Village Voice Tale Wins OBIE!


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