1984-1994view old posters/artwork in the scrapbook
1984Hollow Venus: Diary of a Go-Go- Dancer (p.a.p.) limbo lounge
1985Cinderella X (playwright, actor) limbo
1987Rogues’s Gallery, see (p.a.p.) cuando chapel
1987Bad Childhood (p.a.p.) gas station
1987Hollow Venus (film) (lead role, co-written with filmmaker Larry Fessenden) produced by http://www.glasseyepix.com/html/hollow.html
1988Heated Conversation (p.a.p.) tompkins square park festival
1988Bed with China (One-act play) (playwright, co-actress w/ Patricia Coleman) Directed by Victor Poisontete. Self-produced at my alternative art space, Cafe Bustelo NYC
1989Girlfriend (p.a.p.) lizard’s tail
1989Dream Interpretation, see (p.a.p.) knitting factory
1989Virtuesincorruption (p.a.p.) knitting factory
1989Melodyarn (p.a.p.) knitting factory
1989Through the Looking Glass- Diary of an Ex-Ex Go-Go Dancer, see> (p.a.p.) dixon place
1990Lower East Side Soap Opera, (theatrical serial) (co-writer) Bad Neighbors Theatre Co.
1990Invocation of the Gory Priestess (10-minute play) (writer, co-actress) Bad Neighbors Theatre Company “World of Tomorrow”
1990Delugians of Grandeur. (p.a.p.) la mama
1990Antagony. see (p.a.p.) la mama dixon place st marks poetry project
1991Why We Hate Western Civilization (p.a.p) (co-writer, performer w/Bina Sharif and Jennifer Neff ) commission/honorarium from jerome foundation through franklin furnace, judson memorial church
1991Antagony. Two-act play. (Playwright, co-actress, co-director with Mike Yawney) henry street settlement arts center
1991I Want a Man see (p.a.p.) the kitchen
199220th Century Limited, (Music and sketch revue with brother Brian Woodbury) (co-writer, performer) dixon place
1992-3White Gilt see (p.a.p.) fez, dixon place
1993The Operators (teleplay) (co-written w/ Leonard Abrams, Tim Burns) public access cable tv, nyc
1994Soon to be Famous Suicide of an Obscure Performance Artist (p.a.p.) dixon place

Venues Included: La Mama, The Kitchen, The Knitting Factory, Franklin Furnace, Fez, Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, Latin-American Workshop/El Taller, ABC NO Rio, Dixon Place, Westbeth Arts Center, St. Mark's Poetry Project, Performance Space 122.(NYC).

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